TALK: Electronic Music Meets Classical Music

Speakers & artists of this panel:

Bridging the orchestral and electronic music worlds seamlessly

Imagine phat basslines and heavy kick drums, together with the powerful sound of a philharmonic orchestra and more than 80 people on stage. The musical concept of “Synth Happens” is based on the original productions of Andreas Henneberg, affectionately translated into the world of classical instruments and rearranged for an impressive live show with conductor and arranger Christian Dellacher.

In this panel, Andreas and Chris will share stories about the project’s roots, the process of selecting and writing the music, funding, preparing for rehearsals, selecting venues, and how the fun continues with carefully curated after-parties. Q&A to follow.

Moderated by: Galestian

Panel Overview:

The Project:
– Short description of the project
– Different forms of crossover concepts: Video of “Thujon” & Video of “Bass Happens”

How we started:
– The interface between classical orchestras and us. (The Barb)
– First conception meetings (2017) with the dramatic advisor
– Costs, funding and fees
– Lots of learning, dos and don’ts, Wine & Schnaps

Writing the music:
– Picking tracks
– Arranging and re-arranging for the orchestra
– Arranging and re-arranging the electronics
– Adapting electronic sounds and assigning them to specific symphonic instruments
– Transcribing the existing and writing symphonic add-ons
– Live drumming and Piano
– A lot of back and forth between us / demo-feedbacks, changes, adaptions
– Writing the scores
– Printing

– Rehearsals and all the little things to consider
– Meeting the orchestra (Hi, let’s do Tekkno, different roles, etc.)
– Synchronisation / the mighty click track
– Conducting and keeping it all together
– Stage planning and positioning
– Light-plan, Haze and visuals
– Some rehearsal videos (3min)

The location:
– Most opera houses don’t have sound-systems installed.
– Setting up the PA, calibration and optimizing
– Amplifying the orchestra, microphones, clips, 100km of cables and a 100+ channel mixer
– The challenge of live mixing of orchestra and the electronic
– The big team. (Sound engineers, lighting pros, stage hands, stage decor, orchestra entourage)

The Show:
– Day of the show. Preparations and the final Dress-Rehearsal
– Dress-Code, tuning instruments, entering and leaving the stage
– Dancing in an opera house?!
– The break & the encore
– After-show party in the lobby 🙂
– Some videos of past shows (5min)

– 25.05. in Rostock together with „Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock“
– 2023 in Potsdam with „Filmorchester Babelsberg“ back2back with Tini Gessler & Alec Troniq
– 2024 in Chile at Theatro Nacional de Municipal in Santiago de Chile
– 2024 in Kiel with „Kieler Symphoniker“ at Wunderino Arena Kiel

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