TALK: Clubcomission – After the Pandemic

Speakers & artists of this panel:

Robin Schellenberg, co-founder of Berlin’s Klunkerkranich and United We Stream, and Daniel Plasch, board member of the Berlin Clubcommission and manager of club RSO (formerly Griessmuehle)/founder of STATTBAD, will discuss the challenges facing club culture as we rise out of the pandemic. Topics include supply chain issues and how it affects your experience at events, enhanced safety measures, shifts in nightlife’s workforce, the costs of doing business, the government’s involvement in saving our culture, the onset of new artists onto the scene, Berlin’s growing startup culture, the future of technology and the metaverse, and the pandemic’s silver lining which could lead us into the next golden age.
Moderated by: Galestian

Robin Schellenberg (co-founder: Klunkerkranich, United We Stream; artist: Stil vor Talent, Katermukke, Einmusika)
Daniel Plasch (RSO, formerly Griessmuehle, and STATTBAD)

Clubcomission board meeting:
Survey of clubs and what they are fearful of.
Supply chain issues: equipment, drinks, etc.
Will drug checking become standard at Berlin clubs?

What do clubs fear, coming out of the pandemic?
What do people fear? Socializing indoors again, vaccinations, etc.

Post-pandemic landscape:
How has the landscape changed for artists? Existing artists, new artists, etc.
How has the workforce changed?
Current challenges facing clubs? And festivals?
How did the pandemic affect artists who were active pre-pandemic?

Government involvement:
How has the government intervened to keep the scene alive?
What has the government learned about club culture?

Startup culture:
Making room for startups alongside club culture
The future of technology alongside music and club culture
The metaverse
New services and developments as a result of the pandemic

Silver lining:
What’s the silver lining of the pandemic?
What opportunities were found?
How has club culture’s significance been proven?
Imagining a better post-pandemic experience, how will we be better off in the next few years?