Discussion: Monetizing DJ Mixes on Spotify & Apple Music

Speakers & artists of this panel:

In 2020, DJ earnings dropped by 68 percent due to the pandemic (IMS Business Report-2021). While many DJs turned to online platforms to perform and upload their sets, most of these platforms still don’t pay DJs for their work.

Proton, a radio station + digital distributor, has built a revolutionary new platform helping DJs upload and monetize mixes on Spotify and Apple Music. DJs earn money for every track streamed in their mix, while artists and labels in their tracklist earn too!

With over 20 million paid plays on these mixes, Proton is now the #1 provider of DJ mixes to both platforms. Join members of the Proton staff and some of their official curators for a discussion on how monetized DJ Mixes work on Spotify & Apple + learn how DJs, label managers, and artists can get involved!